The Ultimate List of Award Winning Photos of 2015

Grand prize — Whale Whisperers by Patjane


Diving with a humpback whale and her newborn calf while they cruise around Roca Partida … in the Revillagigedo [Islands], Mexico. This is an outstanding and unique place full of pelagic life, so we need to accelerate the incorporation of the islands into UNESCO as [a] natural heritage site in order to increase the protection of the islands against the prevailing illegal fishing corporations and big-game fishing.

Second place — Gravel Workmen by Faisal Azim


Three gravel workmen are looking through the window glass at their work place. Chittagong, Bangladesh

Third place — Camel Ardah by Ahmed Al Toqi


Camel Ardah, as it is called in Oman, is one of the traditional styles of camel racing between two camels controlled by expert men. The faster camel is the loser, so they must be running at the same speed level in the same track.

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